One of the most amazing aspects about Japan is the innovative house design especially the one with play room. The world isn't even able to put on world how Japanese people have high creative mind and amazing plan. The visual appeal you see in Japanese home design might not be as sophisticated or as exclusive as home design in western society but you can check it to yourself that the interior is as incredible and surprisingly gorgeous as it is.

These pictures that I have here obviously a proof that Japan is amazing in every aspect include house design plans and the playroom designs. The Fujiwaramuro Architects designed this faceted steel building with only 47 square meters for family living space. Located in friendly and warm environment of Osaka prefecture, Japan, this home exterior designed with sloping roof, curving lines and lateral walls. This home structures in three levels and each level has bright homey interior mood to provide best environment for the kids.

On the first level, there is music room and bathroom, while the main living space includes living room, dining room and kitchen decorated with extravagant use of glass walls which is actually really good. The second level has brighter interior because of the huge glass windows and walls. On the other hand, the third level accommodates private areas such as kid's room, master bedroom and a terrace.

Even though the combination between striking white color scheme and timber material is common in minimalist, modern or contemporary interior style, you can feel something different in this house. The amount of timber materials makes the house feels warmer and homey after all. Most importantly, due to limited space, every section has seamless transition without necessarily feeling cramped. Look at the small kitchen and the dining area. Though it's rather small, no one would even resist sitting and having dinner in that social area. Who would've thought that grey and unique facade home has bright and homey house design interior with play room decoration pictures? 

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